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Rodeo Mexican Restaurant on #Yelp: We came here last night after a day at Wild Adventure in Valdosta Georgia. We lov? http://t.co/1qEMRA0U0i
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Carry On Aug 14, 2015 at Wentworth Golf Club in Tarpon Springs, Open to public! Bring a lawn chair. Starts at 6:30PM http://t.co/43QE4RhOzs
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Show tonight cancelled due to rain. Sorry all, See you in August at Wentworth!
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Adeline Yeo Become An Independent Artist Again!

Indie artist, Adeline Yeo left his previous record label, XXXXXXXX terminated her contract with this company. From today onwards, she has nothing to do with that company and the label owner invovled of his business operation in the United States. Because the company isn't able to bring out the best of his talents and artist had no option but to leave the label alone.

From now onwards, she is an independent artist again! She would continue to build her own music career as an indie artist.



Top 8 Males Fans Of Adeline Yeo

Adeline, your TOP 8 male fans are:

1. Deidara Ahmad AL-farisi
2. Keungkeung Wong
3. Shandi Ahmad
4. 馬國明
5. Jimmy Lim Chih Ying
6. Ruto Nana
7. Andy Lee
8. Hein Thant Zin Oo

p/s: they are all my mutual friends in facebook.

Top 8 Fans Of Adeline Yeo

Adeline, your TOP 8 fans are:

1. Deidara Ahmad AL-farisi
2. Keungkeung Wong
3. Siew Yun
4. Iry Lin
5. Tiger Ye
6. Tracy Li
7. Shandi Ahmad
8. 馬國明

p/s: they are all my mutual friends in facebook. All of them are nice.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Adeline Yeo Releases "Beautiful Butterfly" Music EP
Summary: Piano music fans have every reason to beam after Adeline Yeo, Singapore’s next celebrity entry, released an exceptional second music ep, Beautiful Butterfly, that radiates of first rate talent.

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Adeline Yeo Releases “Wonderful World” Music Single
Major Piano music fans have every reason to beam after Adeline Yeo, Singapore’s next celebrity entry, released an exceptional music single, Wonderful World, that radiates of first rate talent.

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Adeline Yeo: “Wonderful World” Relies On Sparseness To Achieve Its Expressiveness

Adeline Yeo grew up in Singapore in a close knit family of four. Today, she is an Internet Marketer, but her passion is composing music. With no prior experience, Adeline stumbled upon music composition while playing with a new computer program. After hitting a few sour notes, her fingers grew more nimble, and soon she was creating beautiful music.

Every day she pours her energy and enthusiasm into learning more about her craft and improving her composition skills. Her dream is to continue composing music that thrills her fans and introduces her talent to the music industry.

“I’m passionate about music. It inspires me. Piano music brightens-up my life, and I want my music to do the same for others.”

In 2009, Adeline’s father passed away from cancer, and now her mother’s health is fading. She is constantly by her mother’s side, providing care and comfort as Adeline creates and performs original compositions for her. Being so young yet intimately familiar with the shortness of life, Adeline is dedicated to making music composition the next stage of her life.

“I don’t wish to be resigned to my fate. My fate lies in my own hands, and I want to contribute my beautiful piano music to the world.”

Few things are as pleasant as finding that a source of enjoyment has more in it than you expect. Whether this is as profound as a new line of discovery or the simple pleasure of an album of music that you had overlooked, the joy is similar. Adeline Yeo is a piano soloist combining new age melodies with light modern pop and jazz influences, making music that can delight and uplift at the same time.

Wonderful World is Adeline’s latest 5-track Ep. The tracks represent visions, impressions and emotions wherein Adeline seems to be wholly inspired. The track titles are almost self-explanatory; “Wonderful World”, “Previous Life”, “Believe Yourself”, “Noble Castle” and “Rainbow Bridge”. Being a totally self-taught player, Adeline isn’t bound by traditional styles and strict techniques in anyway. Her music is free flowing, a little ‘undisciplined’, and with just a pinch of melancholy romanticism in her fingertips.

If you enjoy piano music that is soothing and relaxing, you will like this. The pieces are calm and tranquil at times, yet deep and passionate. Obviously this Ep isn’t for everyone, solo piano never is, no matter who is playing, but if you have a slight tendency to like easy listening piano melodies, you’ll be ok with this.

One of the things that set Wonderful World apart from other piano works is the clear shift away from pure technical and textural complexity to an introspective style that relies on sparseness to achieve its expressiveness. Apart from the fact that she is only at the very beginning of her career and musical playing experiences, Adeline is a stylist rather than a virtuoso piano player, which at this point suits her music perfectly.

If you are looking for a place to start, for something that represents Adeline Yeo, then Wonderful World is the Ep to buy. Whether you are an inquiring mine or an old piano hand, Adeline is well worth the listen.